The monthly traffic feature, which is at times also identified as bandwidth or information transfer, identifies the total amount of data which can be uploaded to your cloud hosting account and downloaded from it monthly. Your website traffic is generated mostly by website visits - each time someone goes to your web site, the web pages they see are downloaded from the hosting server to their machine or mobile device and they are displayed by the browser. What counts for the traffic produced is the overall size of these pages, consequently the more site visitors you have for a given period of time, the more website traffic will be generated. Along with the web site visits, file uploads will also be counted towards the entire monthly transfer this means that when you upload website content or some other files using a file manager or an FTP software, they will also produce some site traffic. The counter resets on the very first day of each and every month and it is not related to the date you have signed up as well as the date you've renewed your website hosting package.

Monthly Traffic in VPS Web Hosting

With each virtual private server package that you will find here, we offer a unique monthly website traffic allowance that depends on how powerful your server is. In this way, we can keep our lower-end packages less expensive and provide you with an opportunity to select the plan you really need based on your budget as well as your resource needs. Upgrading from one plan to another is really simple and usually takes just a couple of clicks in your VPS billing Control Panel, so that when you start to get more site visitors at some point soon so you need a higher site traffic allowance, you're able to shift to a superior plan at any time. We'll notify you when you reach 90% of your monthly allowance, hence you will have the required time either to upgrade or to optimise your web sites, so that you can reduce the outbound site traffic. Our VPS packages also come with a server management panel where you can see what amount of site traffic has already been used for the present month and what amount is left until you get to the allowance cap.

Monthly Traffic in Dedicated Servers Hosting

The Linux dedicated servers hosting packages that we supply feature great traffic allowances which are enough for almost any site, even a video streaming portal or a preferred online community. Terabytes of website traffic will be at your disposal each month and the management panel that is featured with every single dedicated server will give you information what amount of info has been transferred already and what amount is available for the present month. In order to avoid service interruptions, we will inform you whenever you reach 90% of your quota and you can either lessen the traffic generated by your websites by optimizing their content, or you will be able to increase the quota for your account. It's very unlikely that you'll ever need such an upgrade, however we prefer to leave this alternative open. The stats in that panel include the entire website traffic, in contrast to the data from your hosting Control Panel where you can find only the traffic from websites, but not from server-side software downloads and updates.

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