DomainKeys Identified Mail, or DKIM, is a method for validating the legitimacy of an email using an electronic signature. When DomainKeys Identified Mail is enabled for a specific domain name, a public encryption key is published to the global Domain Name System and a private one is kept on the mail server. When a new email is sent, a signature is issued using the private key and when the message is delivered, that signature is verified by the incoming POP3/IMAP server using the public key. In this way, the recipient can easily know if the message is genuine or if the sender’s address has been forged. A discrepancy will occur if the content of the email has been edited in the meantime as well, so DKIM can also be used to ensure that the sent and the delivered email messages are identical and that nothing has been added or removed. This validation system will strengthen your email security, since you can verify the authenticity of the important email messages that you receive and your associates can do the exact same thing with the messages that you send them. Depending on the given email service provider’s adopted policy, a message that fails to pass the examination may be erased or may enter the recipient’s inbox with a warning symbol.
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