Even though the web hosting service provided by the different companies is roughly identical, each provider has a customized platform with its own modifications and different ways to execute given tasks. In cases like this, an info-crammed knowledge base will be rather helpful both for persons with little or no prior experience and for technically advanced users who will eventually find out how certain procedures are completed, but will waste some time in the process. The aim of such a knowledge base is to help make the service fast and simple to use, sparing users a lot of time and energy. The consequence is more pleased clients, since they can swiftly find the info they desire, and a lot less work for the customer support staff members, because typically the vast majority of the questions and issues that customers have got are already outlined in the knowledge base. Provided that the articles themselves are properly written and cover more topics, you will be able to get to know more not only about your account, but also about the hosting service as a whole.
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