A ticketing system is the most popular correspondence channel that web hosting providers offer to their clients. It’s usually part of the billing account and is the most efficient way to resolve an issue that requires some time to investigate or that needs to be forwarded to an administrator. Thus, all responses provided by either party will be stored in the very same location in case someone else wants to work on the given problem and the information in the ticket will be available to all parties. The downside of using a ticketing system with most hosting platforms is that it is not integrated into the web hosting Control Panel, which means that you’ll need to sign in and out of at least 2 accounts in order to carry out a certain procedure or to touch base with the company’s client care staff. If you wish to manage several domain names and each one is hosted in a separate account, you’ll have to use an even larger number of accounts at the same time. Additionally, it could take a considerable span of time for the provider to reply to your ticket.
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