How popular your site will be depends on various things. Some of them are more obvious, for instance the content material and the ways you promote it. These things can lead to more visitors, but in the long run there are several other factors that can expand the popularity of your site - if the web pages are easy to browse, if you have different pages for different target groups, if the Internet site ranks high in search engine results, etcetera. The Hepsia Control Panel features a couple of software instruments that will help you with all these things and will enable you to increase the popularity of your websites through an intuitive interface, so even in case you have not had a website before and you are just starting your web presence, you won't have any kind of difficulties to use them.

Marketing Tools in VPS Web Hosting

Since Hepsia is available with all virtual private server solutions that we provide, you could use all software tools that we have included in it if you choose it as the web hosting Control Panel for your new account. Without a doubt, the most useful instrument which you can find will be the sitemap generator. Using a sitemap these days is crucial considering that search engines actively use sitemaps so as to get more elaborate information about the content of the Internet sites they index. In this way, not only will you make it easier for site visitors to locate content on the site, but you will also boost the ranking of your Internet site in search engine results. You can also make your Internet site more popular among visitors by redirecting them to localized web pages using the GeoIP software instrument and by keeping them up-to-date with news and promotions using the RSS feed instrument. Being proactive about things like this and improving the overall user experience will make it more likely that your visitors will come back later or will share your site with their friends.

Marketing Tools in Dedicated Servers Hosting

You will be able to use our tools with all dedicated server packages that we provide since Hepsia is among the choices for the website hosting Control Panel that you can find on the signup page. The intuitive sitemap generator is the one which can affect the performance of your sites the most since it will permit you to make an XML sitemap - the format that is preferred by search engines. That way, visitors will find content on your site without difficulty and search engines like google will give preference to your website in the results they present since they will be able to index the site content better, including improvements. Hepsia also contains a GeoIP redirection instrument, so that you can have different landing pages for visitors from different regions of the world, which will make your websites very popular among local communities. In addition, you can submit various news about your Internet site with the RSS feed tool and anyone who subscribes for this option on your site will be able to read them on their smartphone or computer system.

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