If you wish to keep some content hidden from the public eye, you'll be able to switch on password protection for a particular folder - either the primary Internet site folder or a different one below it. When this option is enabled, a pop-up will appear each and every time anyone tries to open the folder in question or clicks on a direct link which goes a few levels deeper, so login details shall be necessary for www.domain.com/folder/image.jpg when you have secured the domain.com folder. When the details aren't valid, a “403 Forbidden” message will appear and there isn't any way to get around this restriction, so you can rest assured that no one shall be able access the protected content. The option can be useful in a variety of situations - if only a number of individuals should be able to see specific files, if you are building a website and you do not want people to see it prior to it being completed, and so forth.
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