A website installer tool looks like the script installers that most web hosting firms offer. While the latter are used to set up an application without being positive if it is suitable to build a certain type of site, the site installer features more options to pick from so that when a certain application is set up, you will be able to build the site you want. Very few businesses provide site installers, but this sort of software tools make it much simpler to pick what program to employ for your website in the event that you do not have lots of experience and are not sure what the different programs out there can be used for - blogs, online stores, etcetera. It's vital to know that a site installer isn't the same thing as an online website builder - rather, it allows you to install a ready-made website which you could start customizing according to your requirements from the administrator area of the application that you have selected.

Website Installer in VPS Web Hosting

We have developed a website installer tool of our own as part of the in-house made Hepsia Control Panel, so if you get a virtual private server with Hepsia, you will be able to access the instrument at no additional cost through a really intuitive interface and to set up a site within a minute no matter if you have prior experience or not. The installer shall allow you to select the sort of website which you want to have and will then display a huge selection of suitable templates that you could search through and choose from. All templates are professional and free of charge, so you can launch a gorgeous site on your VPS with minimal efforts even if you've never had a website before. Since Hepsia is developed for multi-domain hosting, there is no limit for the number of websites you'll be able to set up through the installer or how many of the templates you can employ for them.

Website Installer in Dedicated Servers Hosting

If you purchase one of our dedicated server solutions and the machine is set up with the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel, you'll be able to employ our in-house built website installer and start a brand new website within just minutes through a really intuitive interface. You'll be able to use the tool regardless of your level of experience simply because all it takes to set up a website through it is to select a domain or a subdomain hosted on the server, select a template from the 1000+ templates that we offer absolutely free to our clients, and then to key in the username and password that you'd like to use to enter the site admin area where you can add and update the website content. The installer shall do pretty much everything that most website designers do, but you'll not need to spend a fortune to get a professionally-looking site.

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