Webmail is a web application that allows you to work with an e-mail account online via an Internet browser and without the need of configuring the account in a PC email client such as Microsoft Outlook or maybe Apple Mail. This makes it possible to make use of your e-mails from any location as well as any computer if you are not able to use your personal computer - if you are on a break and you go to an Internet cafe, for example. Webmail clients normally do not offer as much possibilities as a regular desktop app, nevertheless they still provide numerous options, such as sending and receiving e-mails, configuring custom signature and employing address books. If you create an e-mail address inside a PC app, you have to use the IMAP protocol during the process in case you want to see all e-mails later utilizing webmail, as the online app cannot show messages from your computer if they have been already downloaded using the POP mail protocol.
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