Optional Managed Services

  • Monitoring & Rebooting
  • Monitoring & Rebooting

  • Keeping an eye on a Virtual Private Server can be a tough job. You either need to do the job yourself and devote a lot of your precious time to monitoring your server, or else you need to find a 3rd–party tool whose sole task will be to monitor your VPS server. And this is exactly where our Optional Managed Services package can comes in real handy. With it, your VPS server will be included in our custom monitoring system, which will keep an eye on all the basic processes. And in the event of any service failure, our skilled system administrators will be notified immediately and they will fix the issue as soon as possible.

  • Backup Space (50 GB)
  • Weekly Backups

  • When you run a busy web site or a data–intensive web app, it is crucial to keep a full back–up copies of everything. But, setting up an automatic backup system can be difficult. That’s why our company offers you our Optional Managed Services solution – we will maintain a complete backup copy of your Linux VPS web hosting, not only of your sites and hosted content, but also all the custom settings that you have created. Our backup scripts are run each week, preserving all the modifications that you have made during that period.

  • Installation & Troubleshooting
  • Installation & Troubleshooting

  • If you wish your server to have video conversion or video streaming capabilities, you have to install & set up specific software apps on it. And if this sounds like something too problematic for you, then our Installation & Troubleshooting service, part of our Optional Managed Services offer, is definitely the perfect solution for your needs. With it, you will have the complete and undivided attention of one of our expert server admins who will install any software program or take care of any trouble that you are having with your Virtual Private Server.

    The Optional Managed Services solution is bundled with the majority of our OpenVZ Linux VPS Web Hosting Packages. With the KVM Linux VPS Web Hosting Packages, it is an additional feature.

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